Rough Seas Product Release

Date: August 24, 2019

Rough Seas features a variety of different products ranging from Cold Process Shave Soaps to Lotions and Candles. This themes embodies the idea that although things don’t always go to the way you envision them, you can still calmly go with the flow knowing that it is always going to work out in the end. The idea was inspired by a frangrace oil that we love, but it makes creating a bar of soap more difficult than we would like due to the nature of the oil. However, that did not stop us and we continue to use the product knowing what to expect during the process and knowing that the outcome will still be just as beautiful and enjoybable as the rest of our products.

So sit back and enjoy the rough seas that life may throw at you with a smile on your face and some of our Rough Seas Collection by your side, because it is all going to be just fine in the end. :-)